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3D Nanoblading (Microblading)

Nanoblading is The New Microblading! 

Hair like strokes are now more realistic with Nanobalding. This new technique uses precession blades that are twice as small as a traditional mircroblade. Smaller blades yelilds a more realistic seamless result! With nanobalding, the hair pattern that has been designed for you can now be more detailed and precise and even mimic the same thickness of an individual hair strand. 



It’s time to experience the benefits of permanent cosmetics through our nanoblading - microblading or our combination brow services. We specialize in the implantation of hair like strokes that blends in effortlessly with your natural hairs  (no matter how fine, or dense). 

Hyper Realistic Brows  Is Now Achievable - 3D Nanoblading

 3D Pink Flower

Is Micobalding the Right Service for Me?

Naoblading - Microbalding is considered one of the most intricate techniques of semi permanent makeup. Naoblading is achieved by creating thin incisions into the dermal layer of the skin in order to deposit thin hair like strands of pigment to mimic ones natural hair and hair growth pattern. Due to the nature of this technique, results are more natural looking than most permanent brow services. Often times our clients tells us  “ No one noticed my brows are Nanobalded unless I tell them”! Nanoblading has its many benefits, but unfortunately these benefits are more favorable for individuals with normal to dry skin, due to the way in which the pigment is implanted. As our bodies naturally produces oils known as sebum, this oil secretion ,overtime, causes cosmetic pigment to fade and in some individuals it can even effect one’s immediate healed results after their first session. All skin types produces sebum. This factor coupled with our daily regimens such as skin care, sun exposure and our lifestyles, will begin to cause pigments to fade overtime. However, with heavily sebum proceeded skin, this cycle is more accelerated compared to individuals with normal to dry skin thus directly impacting the life span of the service. Clients with normal to dry skin can expect a longer service life than a client who is excessively oily. 

I have Oily Skin - What are my Options?

Artist at House of Beauty by François are skilled and are trained to work on all skin types and understands the importance of inclusiveness even when it comes to permanent cosmetics. Because of this, we offer a number of services that are not only suitable for all skin types- but services that promotes a longer life cycle to our clients who choose them. Services such as, Nano Machine Hair Stokes & Ombre Powder Brows are great alternatives to our Nanobalding services. Nano Machine Hair stroke aesthetically speaking looks like Nanobalding however the technique in which the pigment is implanted is far different. Check out our Nano Machine Hair stroke service to learn more!

Hyper Realistic Brows -
3D Nanoblading


Permanent Cosmetics on Mature Skin 


Beauty is timeless and your permanent makeup should be too. We specialize in permanent cosmetic brow restoration for at any age. 

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