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Lip Neutralization

Naturalize Your Lips

Lip Neutralization provides clients suffering from lip discoloration the ability to correct and naturalize their lip tone. This service is perfect for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation and/or hypopigmentation of the lips. Color correction, in some cases may require multiple sessions. 

lip neutralization service

Is Lip Neutralization right for me?

Lip Neutralization is one of the newest techniques in lip tattooing. It provides the ultimate coverage of hyperpigmentation as it aims to balance the appearance of unevenly pigmented lips. This treatment is best for individuals who are looking to tone down cool and dark undertones of their lips through the implantation of warm tone pigments. This treatment is your go-to if you have dark spots, deep and inconsistent saturation on the lip, and/or smoker’s lips. Lip Neutralization treatment is a multiple step treatment and requires multiple procedures for the best results.

See The Difference

See the before and after difference of House of Beauty's Lip Neutralization.

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