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AAM PMU Primary Training 

American Academy of Micropigmentation

American Academy of Micropigmentation

Are you considering entering a career path in permanent cosmetics and are planning to operate in the state of New Jersey? If so, you are on the correct path to starting your journey in a rewarding profession, both personally and financially!


House of Beauty by François offers AAM (American Academy of Micropigmentation) approved and accredited curriculum that will propel you in your journey in becoming an AAM certified artist.


Our 100-hour training course, (65 Hours in person), (35 Hours online) will build your knowledge in the industry, and with continued support for all of our students, we help you navigate your path while instilling the confidence you need for a successful career in permanent cosmetics .


This comprehensive training is structured and designed for beginners, however, students with experience are also welcomed.


Our 6-day in person training will provide you with 6 live models (eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips) that will count towards your New Jersey state 15 procedure requirement. An apprenticeship program will be offered to students after completion of AAM PMU Primary Training

New Jersey State Accredited 100 Hour Permanent Makeup Fundamentals Course

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  • Small Class Sizes 

  • 2-4 Students Per Class 

  • Financing Available for All Courses 

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Upcoming AAM Training Dates 

AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course 



AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course 


25th - 30th 

AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course 



AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course 



AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course 



What's Included?

Study Guide

AAM Approved Comprehensive Study Manual 

In Class Procedures 

6 Class Procedures Under Supervision (Eyebrows, Eyeliner & Lips)

Full Kit

Supplies & PMU Machine


Certificate of 100 Hour Primary Training Course Completion

AAM Course Fees

The AAM 100 Hour Primary Training Course (Includes 6 Supervised Procedures and Full Kit with Machine) – $5,600

  • Apprenticeship after completion of fundamental course (9 Additional Supervised Procedures) – $400 per procedure. Students are allowed to pay as they go, sessions are to be coordinated with our team. Students are encouraged to charge their client/ model the supervision fee so that the apprentice fee are absorbed by the models, not the student.


  • AAM Board Examination - $397( Paid Directly to AAM Board)

PMU Course Curriculum

Day 1

  • Introduction to Permanent Makeup

  • Color Theory, Corrections & Fitzpatrick Scale

  • Pigment Selection Theory:

  • Skin, Eye & Lip Anatomy

  • Topical Anesthetics Uses & Proper Application      

Day 3

  • Practice on Latex

  • Mapping Practice (Eyebrows, Lip, Eyeliner)

  • PPE & Tray Set Ups Best Practices

  • Instructor Eyebrow Procedure Demonstration

  •  Student Eyebrow Procedures on a Live Model

Day 5

  • Practice on Latex & Mannequin 

  • Procedure Mapping Practice (All procedures)

  • Student Lips Procedures on a Live Model

  • Proper Client Photos: Client Files & Advertisement

Day 2

  • Needle Theory & Needle Sterilization Code

  • Machine & Selection

  • Tools & Materials

  • Procedure Hand Placements

  • Procedure Mapping Techniques & Live Demonstrations              

Day 4

  • Practice on Latex

  • Instructor Eyeliner Procedure Demonstration

  • Instructor Lip Procedure Demonstration

  • Student Eyeliner Procedures on a Live Model

Day 6

  • Student Procedure on Live Model

  • Workstation Setup/Teardown

  • Pre & Post Care Review 

  • Examination Preparation 

  • Closing Graduation Certification of Completion

  • I'm I a good candidate for permanent makeup?
  • Is it painful?
    As we all know, pain is subjective and everyone has different tolerances. Prior to the start of any procedure we ensure that we apply topical anesthetic to the procedure site. I always tell my clients that the first pass is always the hardest, as the initial pass is to "open" the skin. After the first pass, a secondary anesthetic is used to help restrict the nerves thus minimizing the pain considerably. Additional anesthetic is applied throughout the procedure as needed for comfort. We do all that we can to make sure you are comfortable during the procedure even more so, we've had clients who has fallen asleep during their sessions.
  • Is microblading the right service for me?
    Microblading is more suitable for individuals who has dry skin and is not recommended to people who has oily skin. Excessive secretion of our skin's natural oils, with time, will push the pigment out of the skin thus will have a greater chance of premature pigment loss. Clients who have opted to move forward with microblading despite having oily skin has had a shorter service life expectancy. Results typically last up to 1.5 years on oily skin. For lasting results, we highly recommend our ombre brow, combination brow and nano brow services as they are favorable for ANY skin type. Permanent makeup is a lifestyle choice. We always tell our clients to think about their life style before selecting their service. With that said, microblading appears very natural and in most cases non-delectable to strangers ( only you and close family and friends will be able to tell the difference). If you're the wake up and go type that wears little to no makeup, then this service is for you!
  • Do I have a say on what my artist design for me?
    Absolutely! Our clients are our partners when it comes to selecting the proper color and shape. The first part of the session is dedicated to mapping and measuring the design based on your facial structure. Before proceeding with the service we show and discuss our ideas and vision and allow you the opportunity as the client to approve or reject the design before moving forward. Adjustments would then be made if needed!
  • How long does it last?
    Depending on skin type, generally, results last up to 2.5 years.
  • Is there any downtime that I need to consider?
    Yes! For microblading, ombre and combo brows we ask that the first seven days to keep your brows dry as possible. Please stay away from activities that may cause excessive sweating or exposure to water. No intensive workouts and or swimming!
  • I think I may need a session before my 1 Year Touchup
    This is popular question and many people my need a color boost in between thier touchups. Color Boost sessions can be scheduled as early as 6 month after
  • When should I schedule my touchup?
    Brows: Touchup should be scheduled between 6-8 weeks after your initial session. Lips: Touchups should be scheduled between 6-8 weeks after your initial session. * We encourage our clients schedule their touchup sessions the day of their initial session to ensure appointment availability and so that it isn't forgotten.

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