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Néhémie François, PAAM,  AAM Board  Certified Master Artist , Trainer and Owner of House of Beauty by François. 

About Us

Permanent Cosmetics & Paramedical Tattoo Studio 

At House of Beauty by François we customize our services to fulfill your beauty needs through permanent cosmetics and paramedical esthetics. American Academy of Micropigmentation board certified and licensed trained master artist, with over 5 years of experience, our artistry is specifically designed for you because not one individual is the same.

Néhémie François, PAAM,  AAM Board  Certified Master Artist , Trainer and Owner of House of Beauty by François. 
AAM Gold certified
AAM platinum certified

Individualized cosmetic treatments in Mercer County, New Jersey ranging from microblading brows, permeant makeup on eyebrows permanent makeup on lips and now introducing scar camouflage tattooing, and hyper-realistic 3D areola tattooing. We are sure that we will help you achieve your beauty desires that are uniquely designed to highlight your natural beauty

My Story

For as long as I could remember, I had a keen eye for design and aesthetics. I particularly took in interest in spacial relationships and appreciated balance and symmetry through a space. My creativity grew deeper through my teenage years. I could see a space for what it could be, I could see the beauty where many people saw imperfection. I thrived particularly in project based situations. I loved the idea of building things from scratch and watching the progression overtime. In high school I excelled in geometry,  fine arts and physics. This was when I discovered my true love in architecture and design. It embodied everything that was in me, it pulled on my creativity while it allowed me to be practical and grounded. 


I followed my passion and graduated from New Jersey Institute of Technology where I dual majored in Architecture Design and Construction Management. While still holding  a position as a project manager in construction industry I quickly realized that I wanted more. In 2017, I found the technique of microblading and knew it was my calling. I loved the concept of creating symmetry from ones natural facial composition and structure. I was able to create beautiful intricate detailed hair like stokes for people who suffered from thinning  eyebrows. This brought me much satisfaction. I opened and established House of Beauty by François with my two sisters who also saw my vision and shared the same love of beauty and cosmetics. I continued to explore different techniques in the permanent makeup industry while working on elevating myself in the construction field. In 2019 I decided to take my passion to a professional level and I obtained my board certification through American Academy of Micropigmentation. With my certification it allows me to bring out the beauty in each person that walks through our doors and for this I’m truly thankful. 


I'm avaible to answer any of questions and or concerns. Feel free to contact me, I look forward to hearing from you!

(609) 362-2120

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