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Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement

Voluminous Lash Lines

Let's recreate your favorite eyeliner look! Enhance your eyes and or eyelashes instantly with a delicate application of our Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement treatment. This treatment allows variations of boldness and softness, from a classic solid liner to gradient soft pixelation eyeliner.


A more seamless eyeliner application is now possible with our eyeliner enhancement services, while it removes the need of daily reapplication. Pigment is inserted near the lash line and is blended towards the outer corner of eyelids for a beautiful fresh makeup look finish. While our Eyeliner treatment instantly opens the eyes, our Eyelash Enhancement treatment increases the appearances of a more voluminous lash line!

eyeliner eyelash enhancement service
eyeliner eyelash enhancement customer

Is Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement right for me?

If you're looking to lessen your morning routine or are tired of your smudged eyeliner, this service is a great solution for you. Suitable for all ages and skin types, and 100% customizable, it provides the freedom to choose the right eyeliner or lash liner effect that will suit your personal style and preference.

See The Difference

See the before and after difference of House of Beauty's Eyeliner - Eyelash Enhancement

before eyeliner eyelash enhancement service
after eyeliner eyelash enhancement service

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