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Nano Brows (Machine Hair Strokes)

Nano Machine Hair Strokes is the latest technique in permanent makeup! Hair like strokes are implanted with a digital rotary machine to mimic the your natural hair growth pattern. Appears similar to Microblading, but yields better lasting results all while causing less trauma to the skin. If you have oily skin and have longed for hyper realistic hair strokes, this service is for you!

Nano Machine Hair Stokes is suitable for all skin types.

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It’s time to experience the benefits of permanent cosmetics through our nano machine hair strokes or our combination brow services This service is an all time favorite amongst our clients as it provides the most natural yet defined brow that you desire. Eyebrow microblading has now become more advance with nano precision blades with added duality of eyebrow microshading. See our many variations below!


Hyper Realistic 6D  Nano Brows

(Machine Hair Strokes)


Nano Brows -  Machine Hair Strokes 

Hyper realistic hair strokes are now achievable for all skin types! Nano Machine Hair stokes is the new and best alternative to microbalding as it provides the capabilities of multi dimensional strokes that can blend in with any natural brow density ( no matter how thick or thin) This revolutionary technique provides our artist with truly an infinite amount of creativity as it provides different levels of stroke density and saturation. Implanted pigment can also be customized to add additional depth and shadowing effect. This hyperrealistic artistry can mimic not only the direction of hair growth, but it also provides the ability of mimicking the cross direction in which they fall. 6D Nano Machine Hair Stokes provides the ultimate dimension of a natural brow, without requiring any natural hair. This technique is achieved by the use of a rotary machine to implant pigment superficially into the dermal layer without the need of any incisions, because of this, Nano Brows is less invasive and is suitable for all skin types. Healed results are more favorable and long lasting. This service is suggested for all skin types but especially those who have a higher content of oil production.   

Hyper Realistic 6D  Nano Brows

(Machine Hair Strokes)

Here's Nano Brows on Mature Skin - We've restored her naturally beautiful bold brows! 

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