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Nanoblading & Shading - The Ultimate Brow Combination 

Combination Brrows combines Nanoblaiding (Microblading) and Ombre technique into one! This dual service is achieved by merging shading and hair like strokes to provide client with dimension and brow definition. 


Hyper Realistic 3D  Nanobalding &  Shading 


It’s time to experience the benefits of permanent cosmetics through our nanoblading - microblading or our combination brow services This service is an all time favorite amongst our clients as it provides the most natural yet defined brow that you desire. Eyebrow microblading has now become more advance with nano precision blades with added duality of eyebrow microshading. See our many variations below!

Service Modeled: 3D Nanoblading w/ Shading 

Hyper Realism - 3D Nanobalding &  Shading

We form our artistry to meet your needs. Our designs will seamlessly fit and highlight your natural features by adding to what you already have.All designs are carefully customized and pigments are uniquely formulated based on skin tone, undertone and your natural hair color 

Service Modeled: 3D Nanoblading w/ Shading 


Blading & Shading Defined - Combination Brows 

Combo Brow, combines miicroblading and microshading  technique into one! This combination is achieved by creating  hair - like strokes in the fronts of the brow with  solid shading in body of the brows. This service provides the most defined results when healed while keeping your looking naturally glamorous

Service Modeled: Combination Brows 

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Nano Microblading & Shading 


Blading & Shading Defined - Combination Brows

This brow technique beautifully combines two services into one and is suitable for most skin types. It's time to finally throw away your brow pencil & pomades because this service will provide the volume of a nanoblded brow with the definition of a powder brow all in one. With a veriaty of eyebrow styles to choose from, we are confident that you'll find your perfect brow. 

Take your Free Brow Style Quiz HERE to find the your perfect match! 

Service Modeled: Combination Brows 

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